In groundhog since v0.1.1


<label for="s1" class="label">Select</label>
<select class="select" id="s1">
  <option value="Banana" selected="selected">Banana</option>
  <option value="Ananas">Ananas</option>
  <option value="Papaya">Papaya</option>
  <option value="Kiwi">Kiwi</option>



The Groundhog select component visually enhances the standard html <select> element. The select usually holds a list of elements that can be expanded.

Including a select

  1. To include a Groundhog select add a <select> element. Include the necessary <options>.
  2. Add the necessary Groundhog classes and values to the elements.
    <select class="select">
    <option value="Banana">
  3. Add a label to the select (optional) and the appropriate ids.
    <label for="s1" class="label">Label</label>
    <select class="select" id="s1">
    <option value="Banana">

Available mixins for select

class name effect
select-container Basic styles for the select container element
select-container-disabled Disabled select styles
select-trigger Basic styles for the select trigger
select-panel Styles for the panel (dropdown) element
option-common Basic styles for options
option-hover Hover styles for options
option-selected Styling for selected options
option-disabled Styling for disabled options