Groundhog CSS Components

Dynatrace look and feel for web entities

Illustration of Groundhog CSS Components

Current version: 6.1.2

What is Groundhog

This is Groundhog, a CSS library for all Dynatrace web entities. Think Bootstrap, but pretty, modern and fast.

We created Groundhog to unify all Dynatrace web entities, regardless of the underlying technology. Use it to fuel your Blogs, custom dashboards, Wikis, etc. If you want to see what's possible with Groundhog, check out our showcase. We used some, if not all Groundhog components to make them look like being one and the same.

Groundhog is designed after the contents from our asset library, and features up to date implementations of the components there. Additionally, we created extra modules that come in handy when working with websites and web applications: Layouts, lightboxes, etc.

If you work in one of our GWT web applications like Dynatrace, please use the Dynatrace widget library instead. This project is just there to be a guideline or a precursor to widgets that find their way into GWT.

How to get Groundhog

See the downloads page for all options.

One more thing!

Groundhog is also built with Groundhog. Who would have thought?


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